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Flex Wiki Authentication

Authentication (the process of a user proving that they are who they say they are) in FlexWiki is simply ASP.NET authentication. That is, if the web application is configured to use Windows security via the

   <authentication Mode="Windows" />

section in the web.config file, then users will need to authenticate via Windows authentication. Similarly, if Forms authentication is enabled, authentication happens via the ASP.NET Forms module.

Out of the box, FlexWiki is configured not to authenticate at all. You will need to make the appropriate changes to web.config to select the authentication mechanism that applies to your organization.

If you select Forms authentication, basic login/logout forms are provided. You will need to configure a membership provider such as the SqlMembershipProvider, and you may well wish to replace the provided login/logout forms with your own.

Windows Authentication

If using Windows authentication, ensure that you enable Integrated Windows authentication in the Directory Security dialog of IIS properties, otherwise you will get a blank window in IE or an error message "XML Parsing Error:..." in Firefox.

Remove access to the file flexwiki.config for users ASPNET or "Network Service" if present and ensure that the user or group responsible for FlexWiki administration have read/write access to this file.

Forms Authentication

If using Forms authentication the 'admin' section of FlexWiki requires special attention.

After the line in your web.config that contains </system.web> and before the last line </configuration> add a section like this

<location path="admin">
     <allow roles="WikiAdministrators" />
     <deny users="?" />

For this to work correctly you must have the SQL Membership provider and the SQL Role provider configured and have created a role 'WikiAdministrators' and assigned at least one configured user to be a member of that role. Role providers are not enabled in the default configuration and require an additional section in the web.config file.

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