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Flex Wiki Features


FlexWiki supports Windows Authentication and Forms Authentication.

The Forms authentication Provider will use the custom login controls and the ASP.NET Membership providers. User Ids and credentials can easily be stored in any version of SQL Server, including the free SQL Server 2005 Express


FlexWiki supports File Authorization, URL authorization and includes a custom authorization provider for easy access control of namespaces and wiki topics.



FlexWiki has its own internal programming language which facilitates look and feel customizations, dynamic topic generation from topic properties and information and dynamic indexing.


First and foremost FlexWiki is a means of creating robust information stores through the use of collaboration by individuals within the community. It is a user friendly application that allows editing through doubleclick of a topic, or by menu selection. FlexWiki links present information about a topic by hovering over a link, which will tell you the contents of the Summary property for the topic and the last author and time when it was updated.

File Stores

FlexWiki supports flexible file storage supporting topic storage in the file system or on a SQL Server. A wiki can actually use both when namespaces in a wiki use different providers.

Other Features
Captcha input challenges Newsletters of Wiki topics Metainformation in WikiPageProperties
No follow link management RSS Subscriptions of Wiki topics Back link search
HyperlinkBlacklist Keyword or RegEx search Full topic history
CustomBorders FlexWikiTools File upload & attachments
Transport Security WikiTalk programming Automated conversion of Word docs


Formatting Features
SpecialCharacter International Characters
No follow link management Flexible Links
Newsletters of Wiki topics Textile
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