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Flex Wiki Glossary

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Topic Summary
AboutSimilarTopics The topics found similar by a text clustering algorithm
ACLs ACLs acronym for Access Control Lists.
AutomaticRedirect A topic can be redirected or forwarded to another topic. This is useful when a topic is renamed or otherwise moved somewhere else. Other topics (and other sites) that link to the (for example) renamed topic may still point to the old topic.
BorderSet a border set specifies content for one or more of the borders on a wiki page.
BuildSystem Describes that automated build system that FlexWiki uses.
ContentBaseDefinition A WikiBase is defined in a topic with a special name: _ContentBaseDefinition.
DocumentMode DocumentMode is when a Wiki contribution is written in the third person and left unsigned. The piece of text is community property; it may have multiple and changing authors as it is updated to reflect the community consensus.
FlexLists a means of incorporating a list into a FlexWiki topic and then managing items in that list.
FlexWikiMetaWeblogAPI the MetaWebLogAPI is a popular blogging API that many applications support. The FlexWikiMetaWeblogAPI will wrap the FlexWikiWebService and expose some of the functions in the BloggerAPI and the MetaWeblogAPI allowing existing blogging implimentations to post/edit TopicNames.
FlexWikiReleaseProcess description of how and when builds are released on the SourceForgeProject site
FlexWikiSecurityNewsletter This is the FlexWikiSecurityNewsletter for news about the FlexWikiSecurityProject.
FlexWikiSources Latest builds: http://builds.flexwiki.com/download/
FreeLink A FreeLink is a WikiName that is not PascalCase, usually a single word. These are delineated by single brackets [ and ].
FreeSoftwareFoundation The FreeSoftwareFoundation (FSF), founded in 1985, is dedicated to promoting computer users' right to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs. http://www.fsf.org/
GoogleAd an advertisement provided by Google that matches the topic content, inserted into the topic using the plugin PluginLibrary.PluginLibraryContents
HiddenWikiPageProperty A WikiPageProperty that is not visible in the rendered page.
HourlyChangesNewsletter An email newsletter that notifies you about changes to pages on the wiki. Ships no more often than once an hour.
IntegratedNewsletterDelivery WikiNewsletters are delivered automatically by the running copy of FlexWiki. No distinct daemon needs to be run.
InterimBuild FlexWiki is built using ContinuousIntegration. That means that a new build is created with every checkin. However, we don't release every build to SourceForge.
LostAndFound The LostAndFound (see the menu, to the right left) contains a list of the topics that are not reachable from the My HomePage Test.
ManageNamespace An authorized action that allows full control of a particular namespace, including the ability to read, edit, and lock topics. See FlexWikiAuthorization.
MetaWikiNewsletter This is the principal WikiNewsletter for news about building and maintaining FlexWiki (the software and the content).
MicrosoftRegionalDirector Regional Directors aren't Microsoft employees--they're independent developers, architects, trainers, and other professionals who provide a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community.
MozillaFirefox Mozilla's high-performance, open-source, standards-based browser.
MSNMessenger Instant messaging client from MSN.
MSWord MSWord, also Microsoft Word, is a word processing software.
NameSpace In general, a namespace is an abstract container, which is or could be filled by names, or technical terms, or words, and these represent (stand for) real-world things.
NamespaceInfoType A namespaceInfo object provides information about a namespace
NamespaceManager The NamespaceManager lets you list, modify and create the namespaces on an installation of FlexWiki.
NamespaceMap The XML configuration file which defines your WikiFederation structure.
NamespaceProvider An extension mechanism provided by Flexwiki to let namespaces be backed by any kind of store.
NamespaceSkipping Usually transitions from one namespace to another (or federation to federation) should be mostly invisible to users. There's one snag in this: when creating a topic, it sometimes gets created in the wrong place. It would ne nice to have a feature that helps users not make this mistake.
NamingStandardForLinks The naming standard for FlexWiki does not follow the stanard wiki formatting. It uses Pascal casing. For example, ThisWillBeALink. For internal wiki links this is actually a better format in my opinion.
NewFederationConfiguration The FederationConfiguration is an XML file that defines most of the important things about your federation (the namespaces in the federation, etc.). You identify your FederationConfiguration file in the web.config file on your server (see WebConfiguration for details).
NoFollow An extension to HTML that search engines use to ignore potential LinkSpam.
NUnit An automatic testing tool (see http://www.nunit.org/ ).
ObjectType Object is the root type in the WikiTalk language; almost all types inherit from Object
OpeningStatement Do you remember the old dialectic: "Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis"? An opening statement can be a Thesis (for a new thread or document intended to elicit discussion, debate, and lots of antitheses resulting, eventually, in a synthesis) or it can be a Synthesis of an on-going thread. -- JasonZio
PageHitCounter a counter that tracks the number of page views of a topic
PascalCase PascalCase words are WordsSmashedTogetherLikeThis with each word beginning with a capital letter.
PassThrough For Windows, Pass Through authentication is using the credentials you supplied on your client workstation to the resource using Windows Networking as the security resource.
PropertiesAsGlobalVariables Trick to use a property as a global variable.
PropertyBehavior This WikiBehavior lets you get the value of any property from any topic.
RedirectProperty The Redirect property allows links to one page to be redirected to another page.
RegularExpression a syntax describing a language used to describe text and to allow pattern matching
RenameTopic How to rename a topic
ReRenameTopic How to rename a topic to its original name
RootFolder A RootFolder is the directory that contains the information about a ContentBase.
RSSFeed Use an RSS reader to stay current with changes on a FlexWiki as they happen.
SeeAlso a common topic property used to direct the reader to other relevant topics
SharpWiki The old name for FlexWiki.
ShowingISBNLinks Describes how to link to an external website to link by ISBN.
SiteIndex An index of all the topics on this site
SiteWorkItem a SiteWorkItem is a request for changing the content of this website.
SmartTag A method of automatically recognizing content in a document or email message and allowing the user to perform actions on the recognized text.
SoftwareVersioning The version of FlexWiki can be determined either by looking at the version number on the FlexWiki.DLL module (if you're an admistrator or developer) or by using the @@ProductVersion@@ WikiBehavior.
SolidRelease A release with high quality
SourceSafe Visual SourceSafe is a version control system for professional developers.
SqlProvider <Summary of bug fix>
StableSort A StableSort preserves the order of records which have equal keys.
StringType Strings represent a sequence of characters
SyndicateFlexWiki How to syndicate FlexWiki content onto other websites
Table A SQL Table: A two-dimensional object, consisting of rows and columns, used to store data in a relational database. Each table stores information about one of the types of objects modeled by the database. For example, an education database would have one table for teachers, a second for students, and a third for classes. ( MS Sql Transact Help)
TableFormattingInWiki Tables in Wiki are formatted by delineating the cells with two vertical lines ("" "").
TandemDiscussion A discussion held in email and on a Wiki site at the same time.
TextGarden A set of TextMining tools written in C++ for windows at Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
TexttileFormattingRules information about textile formats supported
ThreadMode Thread mode is a form of discussion where our community holds a conversation.
TimeSpanType TimeSpan objects represent a period of time (e.g., 3 days and 4 hours)
ToDoProperty The ToDo property is a convenience for indicating wiki content requiring further work.
TopicBar The TopicBar is the area on a Wiki topic page where the name of the topic shows up. If you hover over this area and click with the mouse, you can type in a topic name there. If the topic exists, you'll be taken directly there. If it doesn't, you'll be taken to the edit page where you can create the new topic.
TopicContextType A TopicContext object identifies a topic, its holding namespace and the associated federation
TopicIndexBehavior A WikiBehavior that displays a list of topics filtered on specified criteria.
TopicInfoType A TopicInfo object can be used to discover things about a topic
TopicTips TopicTips are little hovering balloons over a link to a topic that tell you about that topic.
TopicTitle You can use the Title property to set the title of a page.
TransportSecurityRequirementException The exception that is thrown when a namespace has been configured to require HTTPS but access was via HTTP.
TWiki TWikiTM - an Enterprise Collaboration Platform
UpdateFrequency UpdateFrequency is the minimum amount of time (specified in minutes) that is allowed to pass between WikiNewsletter mailings.
Version Version of this install of FlexWiki
VeryQuick The phrase Wiki Wiki is a Hawaiian term meaning very quick.
View A database object that can be referenced the same way as a table in SQL statements. Views are defined using a SELECT statement and are analogous to an object that contains the result set of this statement (MS Sql Transact Help)
ViewDeveloper These are people who want to grab the sources and be able to build, debug and modify FlexWiki but don't intend to check back in any changes
VisitorBook Use this page to share your experiences with the rest of the world: how you and your organization benefitted from using FlexWiki.
WebPart A WebPart is a flavor of server-side ASP.NET control that integrates well with Microsoft SharePoint
WikiBase a collection of wiki topics in a single TopicNamespace
WikiBehavior A WikiBehavior is a dynamically-generated piece of content on a wiki page.
WikiBlade A URL-based method for extracting just the body of a WikiTopic, to include in another website or Word, for example.
WikiDefect a WikiDefect means that something is broken in the software.
WikiFeatureRequest a WikiFeatureRequest means new functionality is desired.
WikiFederation A collection of namespaces (WikiBases).
WikiHistory WardCunningham invented the WikiWikiWeb in 1995.
WikiInclude Syntax for Including one topic within another
WikiInventor WardCunningham created the first WikiWikiWeb in 1995 for the discussion of patterns in object-orientation. It is located at http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki - the visitor's welcome at http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?WelcomeVisitors is a good place to start.
WikiMap A Wiki site map. For now, a dynamically generated, alphabetical listing of all Topics and their Summary WikiPageProperty. This Topic Listing uses WikiTopicBehaviour. As the number of Topics increases, this page may take a few seconds to load
WikiNamespace A wikiNamespace holds a collection of related topics.
WikiNature How wikis behave. WikiNature is, that it changes with the mind and goals of the users. That means, that if they want to blog, the wiki should start blogging.
WikiNewsletterIndex This is the list of all the WikiNewsletters on this wiki
WikiPageProperty WikiPageProperties are an easy way to give Wiki pages properties like Keywords, Summary, Definition, etc.
WikiPane The WikiPane is the area, on the right by default, that contains common wiki controls such as Versions dropdown, the Edit, Recent Changes, and Restore buttons and the About text area.
WikiPhilosophy Editability is Readability is Usability::Anyone can edit the Wiki.
WikiSignature describes the author of a comment or topic
WikiSpam WikiSpam is the destructive anti-social bahaviour of posting of irrelavent information on wiki pages.
WikiSpec A WikiSpec is a collection of Wiki topics rolled up into a single, linear document. This is useful for collecting together information a set of topics, organized by for reading and/or printing.
WikiStrategyForAbbreviations A strategy for working with abbreviations and their plural forms in FlexWiki.
WikiStrategyForPlurals Wiki strategy for working with singular and plural topics.
WikiTalk WikiTalk is a language for including dynamic content in FlexWiki topics.
WikiTalkMember A WikiTalk member is either a property or a method of an object
WikiTalkReflection Reflection is the ASP.NET ability, to inspect the WikiTalk language system itself and return information about exposed properties and methods.
WikiTalkTodo This is the topic that you'll find listed on all pages about WikiTalk that still need work.
WikiTheory Discusses wiki as a concept, idea, paradigm, and meme; its philosopical roots, precedents, history, ideal uses, and potential to change the world.
WikiTopic defines and describes what a topic is.
WikiVandalism Inconsiderate anti-social editing of a wiki.
WikiWiki Definition of WikiWiki on wikipedia.org
WikiWikiPolyglot Wiki is the Hawai'ian word for "quick."
WikiWord A WikiWord is a PascalCased word. It identifies a topic (=page) on a wiki.
WikiWords A WikiWord is a PascalCased word. It identifies a topic (=page) on a wiki.
Word2FlexWiki A VBA macro for converting Microsoft Word documents to FlexWiki format
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