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System Architecture

The system will be built using ASP.Net v4.5 with MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, SQL 2008, MS Report Control. The application will run in Internet Information Server (IIS) on MS 2008 Server. The SQL Server database will be co-located on the same server as IIS. MS Identity will be used for access and security controls

System Functionality Overview

  1. Common Functionality
    1. Forms
      1. Company Definition
      2. Bank Account Definition
      3. Fiscal Period Definition
      4. Tax Definitions
      5. Close Period
      6. Open New Fiscal Year
      7. Security Configuration
    2. Reports
      1. Fiscal Period Definition Listing
      2. Tax Definitions
      3. Forms Security Listing
      4. Reports Security Listing
      5. Table Security Listing
    3. Tables
      1. Company
      2. Bank Account
      3. Fiscal Period
      4. Taxes
      5. Forms
      6. Reports
      7. Tables
      8. Users
      9. Security
      10. Current Fiscal Year
      11. Payment Type
  2. Accounts Payable
    1. Forms
      1. Vendor Definition
      2. Vendor Invoice Input
      3. Vendor Invoice Settlement
      4. Cheque Creation
      5. Vendor Travel
      6. Employee Remunerations
    2. Reports
      1. Aged Payables
      2. Vendor Listing
      3. Vendor Statement
      4. Cheque Print (not HTML)
      5. Cheque Listing
      6. Customer Copy Vendor Travel
      7. File Copy Vendor Travel
      8. Employee Remuneration Listing
    3. Tables
      1. Vendor
      2. Cheques
      3. Vendor Invoices
      4. Vendor Payments
  3. Accounts Receivable
    1. Forms
      1. Customer Definition
      2. Customer Invoice Settlement
      3. Process Cash Receipts
      4. Print Refund Cheque
      5. Bank Deposits
    2. Reports
      1. Aged Receivables
      2. Customer Statement
      3. Monthly Sales Summary
      4. Monthly Sales Settlement
    3. Tables
      1. Customers
      2. Customer Receipts
  4. Project Management
    1. Forms
      1. Master Project Definition
      2. Project Definition
      3. Project Phase Definition
      4. ProjectPhaseDetail
      5. Project Invoice Input
    2. Reports
      1. Master Project Listing
      2. Project Listing
      3. Project Status
      4. Project Statement
      5. Project Invoice (includes reprints of prior invoices)
        1. Standard Invoice (not HTML - exportable to PDF)
        2. Long Form Progress Claim (not HTML - exportable to PDF)
        3. Short Form Progress Claim (not HTML - exportable to PDF)
        4. Credit Note (not HTML - exportable to PDF)
    3. Tables
      1. Master Project
      2. Project
      3. Project Phase
      4. Invoice
      5. Invoice Line
      6. Contract Type
      7. Invoice Type
      8. Unit of Measure Type
      9. Project Administrator
      10. Project Sales Manager
  5. Cash Management
    1. Forms
      1. Bank Transactions
      2. Bank Deposit
      3. Bank Reconciliation
    2. Reports
      1. Bank Activity
    3. Tables
      1. Bank Transaction
      2. Bank Transaction Type
  6. Budget
    1. Forms
      1. Budget Input
    2. Reports
      1. Budget Expenditure
    3. Tables
      1. Budget Line
  7. General Ledger
    1. Forms
      1. General Ledger Accounts
      2. General Ledger Transaction Input
    2. Reports
      1. GL Trial Balance
      2. GL Transaction Listing
      3. GL Journal Report
      4. Profit / Loss Statement
    3. Tables
      1. General Ledger Account
      2. Transaction Journal
      3. GL Transaction Type
      4. Profit Centre

User Input Aids

The ability to enter accounts detail and accounts receivable details quickly is extremely important. It will be possible to clone prior entries of vendor invoices, vendor travel claims, customer invoices and project details so that repetition of common data entry is minimized. Searches will be available for Master Projects, Projects, Customers, Vendor / Employees, Vendor Travel, Vendor Invoices, Project Invoices, Budget Items and GL Accounts.

Ability to Clone Structures

Structures that are cloned will be automatically assigned a new identifier to differentiate it from the original. Dates on the objects may be set to the current date or left empty, depending upon what makes sense.

  1. Project
  2. Invoice
  3. Voucher


Most reports will be created using HTML. Customer Invoices and Printed Cheques will be created using MS Report Control. All reports will be saveable to PDF. It will not be possible to reprint a Cheque after confirmation that it has been correctly printed. All Customer Invoices may be reprinted at any time.

Additional Capabilities

The system will be able to generate invoices for multiple companies. The General Ledger will also manage multiple companies though the accounts can be consolidated.

Development Tools

The development will be done in Visual Studio 2013 with the code repository store in a Private Repository on Github ($10.00 per month). The Data Design will be done in Visual Studio 2013 and Entity Framework will manage Data Table Creation and Updates using Data Migrations.

Entity Model

A preliminary Entity Model is shown below

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