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describes the capabilities of the Attachment Library and how to perform actions in the library


The attachment library is a powerful capability that facilitates collaborative document creation and management, beyond just wiki texts, to include external documents created by Word or Excel. Attachments are grouped into images, documents, videos and miscellaneous categories.

The attachment library has the following features:

Create Namespace

Namespaces are user creatable using an easy to understand interface.

The interface for Namespace creation provides additional fields, visible after clicking the link Manage Namespace Privileges , to optionally specify access controls to the Namespace, covering all files included in that Namespace. It is possible to exclude Anonymous users from accessing a Namespace by entering the word Anonymous in the field Deny Read Users .

Attachment Upload

The Attachment Upload process has 3 or 4 steps:

  1. Select the Namespace to hold the attachment
  2. Locate the file to be uploaded as an attachment
  3. Provide a Version Note , or tags and any permissions, visible after clicking the link Manage Privileges .
  4. Click the Upload button and a message will be displayed indicating the success or failure of the upload.

Version Upload of existing Attachment

A new version is created by uploading a file with the same name as a file already in the Namespace with the same filename. If an attachment has been checked-out, it may only have a new version created by the user holding the check-out lock, and the process of uploading a new version (check-in) removes the check-out lock.

List Attachment Files in Namespace

The actually view of the listing of attachment files varies depending upon the login status of the user. A non-logged in user sees the least detail. A logged in user may check-out a file if it is not already checked-out. An administration user may remove the check-out log or even delete the attachment. The list of files is only available if the user has read access to the Namespace. Files that the user does not have access to do not have links to allow file download.

Check-out / Check-in Process

The check-out process will only be available for users who are logged in, and will note who has the document checked-out. At that time the document will be locked to prevent update by other users. The user who has the document checked-out, or an administrator of the wiki, may remove the check-out lock, or the check-out may be removed by the user checking-in a new version of the document.

Override Check-Out

A wiki administrator has the ability to override a check-out.

List Versions

If the user has the ability to read an attachment he may also display a listing of all versions of the attachment.

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