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Basic Formatting Rules

Formatting Topic Description
SimpleFormattingRules Basic text formatting
TextileFormattingRules Rules for following the textile format conventions
ListFormattingRules Rules for list formatting
LinkingFormattingRules Rules for formatting links
ImageFormattingRules Rules for including images in a wiki topic
EscapingFormattingRules How to not apply automatic formats

Advanced Formatting Rules

Formatting Topic Description
TableFormattingRules How to create and use tables in a wiki topic
TextSizeAndColorFormattingRules How to change text size and color
EmoticonFormattingRules How to use emoticons in a wiki topic emoticons/wink_smile.gif
PreformattedFormattingRules How to output text to an exact format
CodeFormattingRules How to use the SyntaxHighlighter to display many types of code
AttachmentFormattingRules How to include a link to an attachment that has been uploaded
CitationFormattingRules How to include links to external references in an academic format
TableFormattingRulesInfobox How to use table formats to create a right-hand side infobox
LynxWikiVideoLinks How to include a video that has been uploaded as an attachment
CharacterReferenceTable A reference table of character entities when special characters are required in text

Brief Formatting Rules

When in the Edit screen you can select the linkĀ Brief Format Rules and toggle the display of the most basic formatting rules

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