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Description of Creative Commons implementation in LynxWiki

Support for Creative Commons

LynxWiki includes configuration settings that allow Creative Commons support to be turned on, a default license to be chosen for all topics and a list of supported licenses to specified.

It also allows individual topics to use a WikiPageProperties to specify a valid license different from the default. If the Creative Commons support is not enabled then the page property will have no effect. If the support is enabled, but the selected license in the page property is not in the valid list for the wiki then there will be no effect, and the default license will be used.

If no default license is selected then only licenses selected via the WikiPageProperties will be utilized.

Supported licenses

Only international licenses are supported with the LynxWiki distribution, but it is possible to add other licenses via the LynxWikiWeb.xslt file, so long as the new licenses are included in the list of valid licenses in web.config

An explanation of each license is at

web.config example

    <!-- Options for key="CreativeCommons" are on|off -->
    <add key="CreativeCommons" value="on"/>
    <!-- DefaultLicense should be one of CC-BY|CC-BY-ND|CC-BY-SA|CC-BY-NC|CC-BY-NC-ND|CC-BY-NC-SA - other may be added by extending the xslt file-->
    <add key="DefaultLicense" value="CC-BY-SA"/>
    <add key="ValidLicense" value="CC-BY:CC-BY-SA:CC-BY-NC:CC-BY-NC-ND:CC-BY-NC-SA"/>

Page Property Override Example

LynxWiki is set to a default Creative Commons license of CC-BY-SA. To have a specific topic use the CC-BY license instead you would include

 :CreativeCommons: CC-BY

anywhere in the page at the start of a line

Existing Wiki Topics

Existing topics will not be assigned a license until the text is resaved.

If the wiki administrator only wants to allow a single license just set the DefaultLicense and the ValidLicense configs to that single value

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