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questions and possibly answers about LynxWiki

Explanation of the FAQ System

The wiki has markup that allows inclusion of a question and answer system, where the question is always displayed and the answer, if it exists, becomes visible when the user clicks on the question. The answer can be hidden by clicking on the either the question or the displayed answer.

Sample markup:

 Q1 - This is the question for the ""LynxWiki"" faq?
 A - this is the answer

Note that the text entry for the question or answer should not be in the form:


unless it is entered with escaped text as in


Sample FAQ Entries

Question 1: How do you enter a question without knowing the answer?

Answer 1: The markup for a question like this would not have the answer portion of the markup included

Question 2: This is a sample question without an answer. Does it behave correctly?

Question 3: How do you print a page of a FAQ showing the answers?

Answer 3: Click on the questions to display the answers you want to see in the printed page, and ensure those answers are visible when you select print.

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