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an explanation of the search functionality

Search Functionality

There are a number of search capabilities available on the Search Page in the left-hand administration area:

  1. Keyword search of all fields, or a specific field
  2. Index Maintenance (for WikiAdmin users only):
    1. Optimize the index
    2. Rebuild the index
    3. Clear the index
    4. Get Index status information

Fields that can be selected for search are:

  1. WikiText
  2. Tags
  3. Creator

Search Examples

The image below shows an example of a multiple keyword search, where all documents that contain at least 1 of the keywords are returned.

The image below shows an example of searching for a specific author

Search Administration

The search administration functionality is only available to users in the role WikiAdmin. If you want to fully rebuild the index perform a Clear Index followed by a Rebuild Index. After executing an Index action a new window will be opened to display the Index status.

Future Improvements

The optional Field input on the search form should be changed to a drop-down list with a default of Any Field

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