Enter a topic name to show or a new topic name to create; then press Enter
an explanation of the topic renaming capability

How it works

  1. The rename page displays the name of the topic being renamed and has a text box to enter the new topic name with a submit button.
  2. The new topic name is checked to see if it exists already
    1. if it does then an error message is displayed
  3. The content of the original topic is saved as a new topic to the new name, creating a version 1 of the new topic
  4. The content of the original topic is changed to an LynxWikiIncludeTopic that points to the new topic name
  5. The original topic is checked to see if there is an associated discussion and if so then the discussion is saved in the same manner as the topic was
  6. When the page is closed it returns to the newly created topic, or the original topic if there was an error

Where it is

The rename functionality is available on the Topic read page at the bottom beside the topic version information. Rename will only be available if the topic is not locked and the user has write access to the original topic.

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