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an explanation of how uploading and attachments function

Upload Functionality

The Upload Page allows documents or images to be upload to the wiki. These uploads can then be displayed as an image or as a topic attachment. Executable files are not generally uploadable and permissions on the upload directories (if implemented as per documentation at LynxWikiInstallationNotes) ensure the directory does not have executable permissions.

If the user is logged in as a WikiAdmin, then the listing of the upload files will include an option to delete the uploaded file.

Upload Example

The picture below shows an example of adding a new image:

The listing of images / attachments also gives the link data to include in a topic to correctly reference the image or attachment

Using Uploads to Display Images

Once an image has been upload it is displayed by creating a link:


Using Uploads as a Topic Attachment

Once a document has been uploaded it can be attached to a topic by creating a link:


A file as an attachment: ASPNET_MVC_Tutorial_9_CS.pdf

Future Capabilities

  1. The listing to show available uploads should be constrained to the first letter of the file name if desired
  2. Improvements to detecting executables in zip files

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