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Google+ Bugs

  1. Comment dialog in Notifications (sent)
  2. Header area remains fixed rather than switching size
  3. Consistent placement of the Post action dropdown to always be at the top of the post, even if the top of the post is a +1 reference, or always show the dropdown indicator on every post.
  4. Now and then hundreds of posts go missing from the stream where numerous hours of posts simply disappear. They reappear at a later time, but....
  5. If you go to Full Screen mode and then exit it, in chrome, you lose the ability to scroll the tab window
  6. User cards popup too quickly. They need a slightly larger delay.

Google+ Features

  1. See all activity on original post including reshares and comments from reshares.
  2. More markup capability than just bold, italics and strike-through. Headers in posts so that sections and sub-sections can be shown
  3. Ability to create tables in posts
  4. Ability to create proper lists in posts
  5. The full text of a post should always be visible on the first view of the posts. The same should happen for comments.
  6. Capability to insert a selected or default CC license into video or picture in albums and have it display with post
  7. Feedback and reports on spam/flags stored in profile or copy by email to self

Google+ Posts in GMail

  1. Unable to print post emails correctly

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