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Steps to Enable Perfect Forward Security in IIS

  1. Download IIS Crypto from Nartac Software
  2. Create a self-signed certificate on web server
  3. Enable SSL on the web server
  4. Configure cryptography options using IIS Crypt tool
  5. Publish details of self-signed certificate on web site
  6. Add link to certificate details on each web page

Create a Self-Signed Certificate

1. In IIS Manager select the top level computer node.

2. Double-click the Server Certificates widget

3. Click the Create Self-Signed Certificate menu item from the right hand menu

4. Enter a friendly name for the certificate and press OK button

5. The self signed certificate will be created using the friendly name provided

Enable SSL

1. In IIS Manager navigate to the node containing the site you want to enable SSL for

2. Select the menu item Bindings in the right hand menu below Edit Site

3. In the Add Site Binding dialog ensure the Type of https is selected with port 443.

4. Ensure the friendly name of the self-signed certificate is showing in the SSL certificate drop down and press the OK button

5. The Site Bindings dialogue should show an entry for https

Configure Cryptography

1. Run IIS Crypto downloaded earlier

2. Uncheck the boxes as shown for Protocols Enabled, Ciphers Enabled and Hashes Enabled

3. Reorder the cipher suites as shown in SSL Cipher Suite Order

4. Uncheck the cipher suites as shown in SSL Cipher Suite Order

Publish details of Self-Signed Certificate

1. See UltimaSslCertificate

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