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WikiForm Elements Available

The form is opened with the declaration of a FormStart element and the form is closed by a FormEnd element.

The elements listed below can be included in any combination necessary to complete your form:

In the examples below the < and > brackets are used as delimiters, but are not included in the actual declarations of the elements in the WikiText.

FormStart Element

The FormStart element should be on a line by itself and should be formatted as in the example:


The "" WikiPagePostedTo" is the name of the page, in the same directory, that the form data will be posted to.

 {$FormStart:<WikiPagePostedTo>:<class="className", id="idName">$}

The data following the second full-colon (:) is optional, but the colon is required. This part containing class and id attributes can contain any valid form attribute pair required.

FormEnd Element

The FormEnd element is the last item in a form and must be on a line by itself:


FormLabel Element

The FormLabel element is used to provide a label for an input field. It takes the form:

 {$FormLabel:<labelNameAndId>:<LabelValue>:<fieldFor>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

The label has name and id attributes as provided which are the same. The fieldFor attribute has the name of the input field it is associated with. The attributes are optional but a class attribute is useful for attaching to css and changing how the label itself is displayed.

FormInputBox Element

The FormInputBox is used to get data from the user.

 {$FormInputBox:<fieldName>:<fieldValue>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

The fieldValue entry is used to provide a sample text as a hint for input. The fieldName is used to give a name and id attribute to the input field and to link with the label. As always attributes are optional.  Support for the other HTML 5 input fields, such as date or email, will be added later.

FormTextarea Element

The FormTextarea element creates a multi-line data input field

 {$FormTextarea:<fieldName>:<fieldValue>:<rows>:<cols>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

FormRadio Element

 {$FormRadio:<fieldName>:<fieldId>:<fieldValue>:<checked>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

The ''fieldName"" attribute is used to group the related radio buttons. See WikiFormTest for an example.

FormCheckbox Element

 {$FormCheckbox:<fieldName>:<fieldValue>:<checked>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

FormHiddenField Element

 {$FormHiddenField:<fieldName>:<fieldValue>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

FormSubmitButton Element

 {$FormSubmitButton:<buttonName>:<buttonValue>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

"FormImageButton Element

 {$FormImageButton:<buttonName>:<buttonValue>:<imageSrc>:<attr1="attrValue1", attr2="attrValue2">$}

FormLineBreak Element


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