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WikiPageProperties are an easy way to give Wiki pages properties like Keywords, Summary, Definition, etc.

Creating WikiPageProperties

Wiki properties are created simply by typing a property name and a colon at the start of a line. The value is everything else on the line. Look, for example, at the top of this page. There's a property called Summary and it's got a value of WikiPageProperties are an easy way...

For properties with multiple values (e.g., Keyword), the convention is to use commas to separate the values. For example:

	Keywords: Wiki, Properties

What are WikiPageProperties used for?

  • TopicTips - hovering over a topic will show the Summary property for that topic so you can have a preview of what it's about
  • IndexingWikiContent - the Summary property is automatically made available to search engines indexing the wiki
  • AutomaticRedirect - allows a page visitor to be redirected somewhere else
  • Using the ToDoProperty to leave ToDo items in the wiki content
  • using a hidden property to include anchors for links within a topic

Rules for property names

Property names must start with an uppercase letter or an underscore. After that, they can contain upper and lowercase letters and underscores.

Note that a property name written in PascalCase is itself a link to a TopicName and can be clicked.

Single word properties get a default colour.
Double word properties become an edit link, and are highlighted different if the topic has not yet been defined.
If the topic exists, however, the property ends up a very similar colour to a single word.

It is possible to not create a Property by escaping the value if desired

 ""Property:"" This is not a property

Property: This is not a property

Hidden Properties

Sometimes you want a page to have a property, but don't want to "clutter" the page with the property. To do this, prefix the property name with a colon (emoticons/regular_smile.gif. This will still set the value of the property for the topic, but the topic will not be displayed in the page.

For example,

 Summary: this page is about DogFood

is a conventional use of a WikiPageProperty. However, using that form always causes the property to show up formatted in the topic page. To hide the property, add the colon prefix:

 :Summary: this page is about DogFood

This will cause the property to not be displayed. Other than being hidden when the topic is displayed, the ':' has no other effect.

Note that you must have at least one space after the trailing colon for FlexWiki to recognize the property and actaully hide it. -- XtopherBrandt, 2007-02-19

Multiline property values

You can create multi-line page properties like this:

 PropertyName:[ This is a very long property definition.
 It is useful to be able to do this for multiple paragraph properties

which produces:

This is a very long property definition. It is useful to be able to do this for multiple paragraph properties

The end of a multi-line property is marked by a single right-bracket following the opening left-bracket.

Implicit Properties

All topics have a set of ImplicitProperties that IronWiki assigns to them without them appearing explictly on the page. These include (the actual property names are still be to finalized):

_ TopicName The name of the topic
_ TopicFullName The full name of the topic (with version)
_ LastModifiedBy The identity of the person who last modified the topic
_ CreationTime The time when the topic was last created
_ ModificationTime The time when the topic was last changed
_Body The unformatted text content of the topic

All of these properties are strings.

Processing Directive Properties


 :DisableTopicEmoticons: false

The property, either hidden or visible, will control the display of emoticons local to a single topic where it is included. This will not override the the wiki wide setting of DisableWikiEmoticons = true


 :CreativeCommons: CC-BY-NC-SA

This property allows the default license to be overriden and an alternate valid license chosed for the topic containing the property.

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