Biker Flips Off Police, Rides Off, Then Crashes And Begs Minivan Driver Not To Identify The Cops

Dramatic footage of a motorcyclist attempting to outrun the police and crashing has re-surfaced some three and a half years after first hitting YouTube.

The video was captured on the helmet-mounted digicam of the motorcyclist, who appears to be utilizing a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. It begins off displaying the biker doing a wheelie by means of an intersection sooner than he turns spherical and notices a police car behind him with its lights flashing. Pretty than pulling over, the biker flips the police the middle finger sooner than twisting the throttle and sprinting off into the area.

For roughly six minutes, the motorcyclist rides, seemingly going at least thrice the tempo prohibit at certain elements. Clearly, the biker thought that tempo alone would allow him to flee the police – nevertheless he was sorely mistaken.

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Whereas splitting web site guests alongside a two-lane avenue, the biker failed to notice a black Dodge Grand Caravan making a left flip and slammed into the facet of it, flying up into the air sooner than sliding alongside the pavement and landing intently on the grass subsequent to the road.

Roughly a 12 months after first importing the police chase and crash video on-line, the YouTuber uploaded a follow-up video to his channel displaying the aftermath of the crash. Via the clip, the biker will probably be heard pleading with the proprietor of the minivan to not title the police after the crash out of concern that he could be arrested and despatched to jail for working.

We’re uncertain if the biker obtained in hassle with the authorities throughout the aftermath of the crash, nevertheless we’d be shock if he didn’t.