Toyota Land Cruiser Driver Hits Scooter Man, Then Flees The Scene

A bizarre avenue rage incident has been caught on video in Vancouver, Washington.

Whereas the clip doesn’t current an entire lot of context, you may even see a person on a scooter apparently screaming and swearing on the driving force of a Toyota Land Cruiser.

We’ll’t see what sparked this, nevertheless the Land Cruiser is throughout the completely different lane so it’s attainable they handed the actual individual on the scooter. Regardless, the Land Cruiser returns to the right lane whereas the rider of the scooter hastens and retains on yelling.

The driving drive of the Land Cruiser then slams on the brakes and this apparently freaks out the rider, who moreover slams on his brakes and makes use of his legs to stop and preserve balanced. He then eggs on the driving drive of the Land Cruiser by shouting “come on.”

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That was the straw that broke the camel’s once more as driver of the Land Cruiser snapped and aimed his SUV on the scooter. He then rams it and yells “F*ck off,” sooner than fleeing. Given that driver of the Land Cruiser braked sooner than affect, the collision wasn’t too excessive, however it nonetheless despatched the rider flying forward. He managed to stay balanced for a bit, nevertheless apparently fell after hitting a trash can.

Thankfully, the person obtained up and appeared unharmed. He then knowledgeable a person who was strolling on the road that the driving drive obtained upset because of he stopped to get their hat. It doesn’t matter what occurred, the distinctive poster says a police report was filed and authorities apparently have the Land Cruiser’s license plate amount.

It stays unclear if the driving drive has been taken into custody, nevertheless it’s a good reminder of what avenue rage may trigger. If every people had merely saved their clam, they most likely wouldn’t have found themselves on this situation.

Warning: Video includes NSFW language